Rent rewards

Some of our real-estate is an income-producing asset as they're rented out. In the Proptee app, you can see whether the property is rented out or searching for tenants.

What is a rent reward?

Certain real-estate tokens have token holder rewards as these assets are rented out. The reward amount is not necessarily connected to the rental amount that the property is earning. The rewards are paid out to your Proptee account automatically in EURS. You can reinvest them

Rent rewards are paid:

  • Daily

  • Weekly

  • Monthly

Physical real-estate

Companies who run a commercial or residential property business list their assets on Proptee. They're in control of running their business with continous obligations to report to Proptee's investors and comply with our operational policies.

These real estate businesses generate revenue typically from rent, catering, and hospitality. Rewards are paid out to investors at a pre-determined timeframe (e.g. monthly, yearly). Please note that some properties might not pay rewards at all.

The value of the rewards is fully dependent on the performance of the individual business and will be paid to the investors Proptee account in EURS.

Digital real-estate

Digital real estate makes money mostly from capital appreciation and the value increase of the native currency of its Metaverse. For instance, Decentraland properties can become more expensive if the price of MANA (native currency) increases.

You might be surprised, but digital land can earn rental income too. As the NFT market is getting bigger and bigger, digital art needs venues to display them. Thus, many creators in Decentraland build galleries and display others' NFTs for a monthly charge.

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