The magic link doesn't work

When you create a Proptee account or log in using your email address, you will receive a magic link by email. Sometimes, tapping the magic link may cause an error. Here's how to fix that.

For the link to work, it needs to be opened on a device with the Proptee app installed. This will open the app, and you'll continue the registration or login process from there. If you don't use that email address on your phone, you can forward the email to an address you do use, or send the link from your desktop computer to your phone using a different app.

When you request a new magic link, any previous link we've sent you will automatically expire. When you request a magic link, please wait a moment before opening it to ensure you've received the latest link, and be sure to open the one that arrived most recently.

You can also delete all previous emails from Proptee before you request a new one, to make sure you're opening the latest one.

Use your phone's default web browser and email client:

In some cases, opening the newest magic link will take you to a blank page. If this happens to you, you should scroll to the bottom of the email, copy the link and paste it into the address bar of Safari (on iOS) or Chrome (if you use Android) on the device where you have installed Proptee. This should open Proptee and you will be able to continue the sign up or login process.

❗️ If none of these steps help, please reach out to us via email ([email protected]) or DM us on Twitter. If possible, please include a screenshot or screen recording of the issue.

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